The Center for Hazards Research and Policy
Development (CHR) is a research unit at the
University of Louisville that advances
community resilience by connecting disaster
research to practice.

In operation for over 20 years, CHR integrates the skills
of urban planners, engineers, natural scientists, and
social scientists to solve the challenges presented by
hazards to communities and their built environments.

We conduct field-tested research and resiliency
planning projects ranging across a broad spectrum of
issues, all for the purpose of strengthening disaster
management at local, state, federal, and international


CHR has the staff and resources to enhance community
resiliency, from geospatial analysis, plan development,
training facilitation, planning system development, and
community infrastructure management.

With diverse planning expertise, the Center includes
four full-time, professional staff members with the
support of graduate research assistants enrolled in
Urban and Public Affairs graduate programs.

Project Highlight

Community Hazard Assessment & Mitigation Planning System (CHAMPS)

CHAMPS is a disaster management system that is accessible across multiple levels and sectors for inventorying assets, conducting assessments, developing plans, applying for funding, and managing projects. To learn more visit our CHAMPS page.

CHAMPS DiagramClick the image above to view larger or Click Here for a PDF version