The Community Hazard Assessment and Mitigation Planning System (CHAMPS)

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When used in concert, the following centralized modules can help a community become more resilient by enhancing coordination and communication among multi-sector partners and authorities.


The basis for building a more resilient community starts with establishing a well-coordinated process for disaster management planning.  To assist with this effort, the Commonwealth of Kentucky has developed a new resiliency planning tool called CHAMPS, the Community Hazard Assessment and Mitigation Planning System.

CHAMPS is offered as a free resource to Kentucky communities to enhance disaster management efforts based on the concept of understanding risk, then mitigating to reduce loss of life and property.

Through support and funding from FEMA, HUD, and EDA, the Center for Hazards Research partnered with the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management, Stantec, and other partners to develop then train local emergency managers and community leaders on how to use the system.

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How to Build a Community Profile




How to Build and Conduct Assessments




How to Write a Plan




How to Search for Funding




How to Apply for and Manage Projects


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