Community Hazard Assessment & Mitigation Planning
System (CHAMPS)
CHAMPS is a state-wide disaster management system portal that
is accessible across multiple levels and sectors for inventorying
assets, conducting assessments, developing plans, applying for
funding, and managing projects. CHR provided development
support, including system design and testing, creation and
implementation of a state-wide training program, and
development and distribution of outreach materials.

Kentucky Community Recovery & Resiliency Planning
Led the development of industry informed recovery and
resiliency planning guidance which includes a multi-tiered
resiliency assessment structure, with state/local plan and
assessment templates.

Kentucky State Hazard Mitigation Plan
Managed and facilitated award-winning plan development and
updates for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and led the
achievement of enhanced state mitigation plan status. (2004,
2007, 2010, 2013)

Lexington Fayette County Hazard Mitigation Plan
Managed and facilitated initial plan development, then
award-winning update process for community of close to 300,000
in population. (2006, 2013)

University of Louisville Hazard Mitigation Plan
Managed and facilitated local plan development, then update
process for post-secondary educational institution of over 7,000
faculty/staff and over 22,000 enrolled students. (2007, 2013)

HUD Capacity Building for Sustainable Communities
Provided technical support and guidance through workshop
facilitation, presentations, webinars, and one-on-one advisory
meetings to educate grantees and other multi-sector participants
about community resiliency and mitigation.

DHS Community Planning Guidance for Pandemic
In partnership with Kentucky public health departments and
community leaders, CHR developed community planning
guidance and curriculum, then piloted a series of multi-sector
collaborative plan development sessions in select local

Healthcare Hazard Preparedness Plan
Through the Healthcare Emergency Response Association (HERA),
CHR developed a plan for Region 6, which utilized geospatial
analysis for conducting a comprehensive risk assessment.

Louisville-Metro Local Energy Assurance Plan (LEAP)
Provided support to develop and map energy asset inventory for
Louisville Metro Government.

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