Project Management
From plan development to disaster management
system design and implementation, the Center can
lead organized, efficient, and on-time projects from
grant application through project completion.

Training Development & Facilitation
Ranging from pandemic flu preparedness training
curriculum and community guidance to disaster
management system implementation and training, our
staff has expertise in developing and delivering
interactive training sessions that engage multi-sector

Technical Support
CHR has provided expertise and guidance through
workshop facilitation, presentations, webinars, and
one-on-one advisory meetings to educate about
community resiliency and mitigation among grantees
and other multi-sector participants.

Plan Development
As an industry leader, CHR assists communities with
the development of plans, ranging from hazard
mitigation plans for states, local municipalities, and
universities, to community recovery, and community
resiliency planning guidance for state, regional, and
local authorities.

Geospatial Analysis
Through the use of Geographic Information System
(GIS) mapping technology, CHR produces maps to help
communities make informed planning decisions;
ranging from inventorying community infrastructure
and assets, to calculating hazard vulnerability based on
multiple variables.

Planning System Development
From concept to implementation, the Center has
provided development and training support for the
creation of dynamic state-wide and local systems for
enhanced disaster management planning, including
inventory, assessment, plan development, funding
application, and project management functions.

Assessment Building
With multi-tiered assessment structures, CHR has
developed complex yet comprehensive assessment
methodologies for analyzing healthcare and
community-wide risk and resiliency indicators.